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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions


Can I book a conference package (room rental + catering + technology) at the Fraport Conference Center?

Transparency is important to us. Our rooms are always equipped with most important presentation and media technologies. If desired, all other services can be booked separately, so you don't have to pay for anything you don't need.

When can I enter my conference room?

The booked conference room is available to you half an hour before the start of the event.

Why do I have to sign and return the order confirmation again when I change my booking?

This way we can be sure that all changes to your original booking match your wishes.


Until when I can order catering for my event?

Catering can be ordered until 48 hours (2 working days) before the beginning of the event.

Where is it served?

As a standard, drinks and food you have ordered are served in the conference rooms. Depending on the size of the room, we recommend booking an additional room. You will find drinks on the tables of your conference room, coffee and tea are also available in the lounges. Do you have further wishes? Our staff will support you throughout the entire duration of your event.


Why do I get two invoices?

Catering at the Fraport Conference Center is provided by BUMB JUNIOR Finest Catering GmbH. For this reason, the services of the Fraport Conference Center (room rental, technical equipment) and BUMB JUNIOR Finest Catering GmbH will be invoiced separately.

What do you need in case I have any enquiries about orders/invoices?

If you have any queries about your orders, please let us know the order number of your booking. If you have any questions about invoices, we need the invoice number or, alternatively, the order number.


Where can I send documents for my event?

Would you like to print documents for an event? Please send us your documents by mail to or by fax to +49 (0)69 690 71618 or send a USB stick to the reception. Are your documents confidential? In this case, we have a terminal for self-printing.

What is the procedure on site?

Your guests register at the reception on arrival. Our event guides bring them to the conference room. If necessary, one of our staff members will also be happy to help with setting-up the technology.

Who can help me with train information, flight information and booking changes?

Our staff at the reception desk will be happy to help with an overview of train and flight information as a further service offer. They also can make flight rebookings for you.


Where can I find the nearest Lufthansa check-in machine?

The nearest Lufthansa check-in terminals are located in Terminal 1, Departures A.

What destination do I need to enter on my navigation system in order to directly reach the Fraport Conference Center?

Please enter the following destination: • Frankfurt Airport, Hugo-Eckener-Ring, postal code 60547 • Special Destination: P3 - P5

Where can I smoke at the Fraport Conference Center?

At the Fraport Conference Center, smoking is forbidden by law (non smoker’s health protection act). You can smoke outside the building as well as in the smoking lounges at Frankfurt Airport.

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